Want to enlarge your product's brand and image? Want to produce the most unique product to catch your customer's sights? We are here to meet customer's needs, create the most special cartoon characters on the market, plan the most professional cartoon brand strategy for your corporate image, and metamorphose it in vitality. After careful analysis of product characteristics, target customers, and latest market trends, our rich experience can provide clients unique cartoon brand image planning, such as animation, illustration design, character design, promotional gifts, and innovative cartoon brand licensing. The application of these creative ideas on various products will lead to a much more positive and energetic corporate brand image.

想產品有個更大的品牌宣傳效果?想要產品能獨樹一格? 我們會配合客戶的需求,設定一個不同於市場上的角色設計,專業卡通品牌形象策劃,可為企業形象注入性格及生命力。我們從產品的特性、目標客戶及配合市場趨勢,經過細心分析,經過我們的多年經驗,能為客人提供一個與別不同的卡通品牌形象策劃,如動畫製作插畫插圖、漫畫、吉祥物設計、促銷禮品及創新卡通品牌授權,可套用在不同產品上,就更能便企業的品牌形象更添色彩活力,錦上添花。