Printing involves a complicated a process, each step requires specialized personnel to monitor and control for the outcome quality. Our designers deeply understand the entire production process and ability to create works that perfectly fit into the printing process better than any other simple printing company. We have complete and various experiences in producing any types of printed materials with special effects to impress your customers, therefore production cost can be flawlessly and accurately controlled during conceptual design. Printing items include letterheads, business cards, envelopes, leaflets, posters, packaging boxes, gift boxes, calendars, POP Counter calendar, Magnet, 3D stereoscopic cards, annual reports, magazines, all kinds of perfect binding books, saddle stitch books, company annual reports, folders, CD sets, paper bags. We offer a one-stop complete service from design to production.

印刷是一個涉及多層工序,環環互扣的一個生產過程,每一節都需要專業的人員來監控。瞭解整個製作過程的設計師,更能製作出優良的作品,非單一印刷公司所能做到。我們有製作各類印刷品的經驗,熟識各類加工及特種印刷及特殊效果之工序流程,因此能在構思設計時,已能計算製作成本及避免問題發生,有助準確完成製作,印刷範圍包括:信紙、咭片、信封宣傳單張海報、包裝盒、禮品盒、日曆、坐枱月曆、磁膠、3D 立體咭、公司年報、校刊、各類精裝/膠裝書、騎釘、公司年報、資料夾、CD套封、紙袋、及環保袋/布袋等。提供一站式服務, 由設計到製作的全面服務。