Multimedia Design
We can provide customers a wide range of electronic products and services in response to the market needs of social media products on electronic platform, such as e-books, e-cards and eDM services…etc. These items can be effectively distributed to the target customers anytime. Our design crew can intimately create dynamic and interactive effects and input your product message with a degree of artistry smoothly into audiences’ mind. As a result, choose a serviceable design company can effectively promote various products, which also build up and enhance corporate image, and lastly save lots of traditional printing costs.
我們能為客戶提供一個多元化的電子產品服務,因應現念社會的變遷,提供電子書、電子賀卡及電子傳單 eDM 等服務,能有效地發放到目標客戶的電子產品上,隨時收看。