Every year there are tons of blissful festivals. What do you feel when receiving a heart-warming e-card from your business partners? Isn't it deeply impressive? Inmedia Design is here to design the most personalized greetings to please your clients and enhance your company's brand image. E-card production can be divided into two categories: movable and immovable. FLASH and GIF are mainly the file format of movable e-cards, they are exciting, dynamic, and attractive to target readers. Surely your client's day will brighten up by receiving your cheery message.

在每一年當中,有不同種類的節日能給人喜氣洋洋的感覺。如能製作一張心意咭,透過電郵發送致客戶,從中可增加客戶的歸屬感,亦同時提昇公司的品牌形象電子賀卡的製作大致可分為兩類,可動及不可動的模式,可動的有FLASH及 GIF的製作模式 , 加上動作動感的效果,可帶出更多的訊息,使e-card 更加吸引。